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Momento hilario KKK a Gaga bandida acaba de lançar sua nova musica falando da Lua blanco, assistam e rebloguem ♥


Hello, I don’t want to be rude to anyone, but I would like to explain a little things about concerts in my country.

You say about brazilian been constantly ask for the bands to come here. But come on USA and UK, how often do the bands you like go to your country a year? 5, 6 times? Well, they come here once in each 3, 4, 5 years…

 Just now the bands start to notice that brazilians do buy tickets and go to the concert. That they give themself and make huge efforts to see the band live. And here the ticket prices are extremely expensive, because of the big fees that we have to pay. For you who live in UK or USA it’s easy. But for us it’s way much harder. The bands are always making small tour around there. But here? It’s fucking hard for them to come.

 You don’t know how jealous we are of you having the opportunity to say “I can’t go to this show, but it’s fine, because until the end of the year they’ll come back”. If we missed a show… who knows when we’re gonna have this opportunity again!

 So, the next time you see someone saying “Please, come to Brazil”, just think that we just want to have the opportunity to be around our favorite artist a little bit more. Because we don’t have idea when we’re gonna have this once again…

Thank you, babies! :D

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tamo junto [/2. rbr = LIXO

sim >< ainda bem que a novela já acabou, agora so falta a droga da banda